My intention as an educator is to support students in becoming practice-oriented information professionals, well positioned to make informed, ethically grounded decisions concerning the design and use of information systems.

The success of any course is tied to students’ willingness to actively participate in the learning process. Therefore, in class (whether in-person or online) I strive to create an environment that generates, supports, and guides engaged inquiry.

Current Courses

LIBR 508

Information Practices in Contemporary Society


Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives

Recent Courses

LAIS 607

Doctoral Pro Seminar: Provides doctoral and advanced master’s students with an orientation to current research and the academic disciplines in library, archival and information studies (LAIS). 

LIBR 561

Information Policy (hybrid course)

LIBR 563

Information Ethics

Independent studies

In addition to standard courses, I serve as faculty advisor for directed studies, directed research projects, and research collaborations. If this opportunity is of interest to you, keep in mind that an independent course is a significant commitment, demanding considerable motivation and self discipline on the part of the student (and the instructor).

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